Import Yamaha motorcycles

You have come to the right place for the import of the Yamaha motorcycle brand at Double R Trading. We exclusively supply to companies all over the world, such as wholesalers and retailers. We offer various different major brands and we have a large number of motorcycles in stock. The stock we keep is tailored to the needs of our customers.

Logistics of the import of a Yamaha motorcycle

We can also supply you with export documents. We are licensed to draw up most regular documents such as T1, ATR and EUR1. With these documents direct shipment can take place from our own bonded warehouse. Of course we will also make sure that your motorcycles reach their destination meticulously and undamaged. For motorcycles that are supplied to us without a crate we have developed our very own transport crates. As you can read we will do everything in our power to deliver your motorcycles as quickly and carefully as possible.

Spare parts and Suzuki accessories

There is a very wide range of logistic possibilities for the import of a Yamaha motorcycle. Thus we have our own bonded warehouse on the same premises. Here we have three loading bays and several large loading doors. This enables speedy and easy loading. At the same time we work with different forklift trucks. Our bay platforms are suitable for regular and large trucks as well as container chassis.

The delivery options

Our delivery options are very diverse:

  • Per item
  • Small quantities
  • On container basis

Central location

We are located in Gorinchem, which lies in the heart of the Netherlands. This is a great advantage for the transport of motorcycles. We have easy access to Germany and Belgium and we are also close to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This is ideal for shipment to other countries.

Licences and certificates

We are highly professional when dealing with the import of our motorcycles. On our premises we have our own bonded warehouse. As a result we can directly export part of our stock to outside Europe without having to pay European import duties. We are licensed to draw up export documents such as T1 and ATR. This is ideal for shipments: dispatch can therefore take place directly from our bonded warehouse. Besides being licensed we are AEO certified. This is an international safety standard issued by the customs authority.

Are you interested in the import of a motorcycle of the Yamaha brand? Please contact us to request a price list.

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