Wholesale outboard motors

Lazy Sunday afternoon, sun is shining…. Let`s get the boats out. Professional fishing trips, barges for dockworkers and full time leisure seekers. All need propulsion.

We have a wide variety of Suzuki outboard engines on stock. All common engine sizes are available upon your demands. Trouble free installation with our initial setup kit. Tachometer, trim meter, propeller and side mount are included with all mid-range engines. Need another control? Of course, all other outboard accessories can be ordered through our web shop, or might be swapped on request at your purchased outboard. Wholesale outboards motors as AP specification (electronic controlled engines) will be supplied with specific controls and accessories. These drive-by-wire engines offer even more precision and flexibility in their use. The choice of professionals around the world.

Original crates for shipping

Original crates for shipping

Outboards engines are delicate. With the use of original transport crates as descripted above, you can be assured the engine will arrange in pristine condition. Exactly as you can expect from a professional trader of wholesale outboard motors. All units can be stacked for most economical way of loading and our loading ramps assure easy access to any kind of truck or trailer. Our skilled and trained expedition team have a live time experience with handling vehicles and outboard motors. All crates are double checked for any kind of damage before leaving our warehouse.

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More fun, more thrill. Waverunners offer the perfect getaway after a hard day at work and great fun during your free hours. Their hull design, powerful engines and modern styling make waverunners attractive to a wide range of enthusiastic buyers. Loved by thrill seekers worldwide and different models for all kinds of usage. Standing up, competition crafts or 3 seater models, we can source the right model for your customer. All waverunners are supplied in their original factory packaging. We are well equipped to handle almost all crate sizes. Waverunners and installed on specials jacks inside the crates. Their hull and other vital components are protected during haulage. Our loading docks ensure that trucks can be loaded without any hassle. That is why you choose a professional like yourself.


We sell exclusively to professionals

We only sell Wholesale outboard motors and waverunners to other professionals in the watersport business. So make your order plan now and explore all possibilities with Double R Trading.

  • Wholesale outboard motors from 2,5 to 300+ horse power
  • Various shaft lengths and versions
  • Standard accessories for first installation
  • Waverunners and stand up models for fun on the water
  • Sales to professionals only

Ready for the watersport season? 

Contact us to make sure you stock the outboard engines and waverunners you need, at the time you want them. Our sales team is available to answer all your questions about wholesale outboard motors and waverunners. From Spring till Winter, we keep stock to supply boatbuilders all year around.


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