We are your Quad, UTV & ATV distributer

Expand your business and serve a wider range of customers with all kinds of off-road vehicles. All brands available.

We are your Quad, UTV & ATV distributer

They utilized by many professional workers on all sort of terrain. Workhorse or leisure model? We are your Quad, UTV & ATV distributer.

Always the right vehicle for the job

ATV`s have come a long way since Suzuki introduced their LT125 back in 1982. Our many years of experience allows us to guide you through the process to find the best vehicle for the job.

Double R Trading sells ATV and Side by Side vehicles of all sizes. 2x4, 4x4, with and without electronic power streering, independed rear shocks and differentiallocks are just some of the words which gets us excited. Contact us to expand your business potential.

Packing and shipping

Packing and shipping

All our units are carefully packed for shipment. Before collection, we will gather the ordered units from warehouse and prepare them for most economical fit into your truck or container.

Most crates are stackable and will be fitted as needed. Loads can be stuffed and secured with additional straps when needed.

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Side by Side, the next thing in outdoor use

Requests for Side by Side vehicles are increasing weekly. These UTV`s are the next step up from the iconic three wheeled Honda in the 70s and the first 4 wheelers in the 80s, Side by Side are here now to take over the market. Available in many shapes and forms.

Contact us to explore this new venture together.

Workhorse or leisure vehicle, there is the right ATV for your need

Interested to start trading these vehicles? We are your B2B partner.


Double R Trading sells exclusively to professionals 

We also sell OEM ATV parts!

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We also sell OEM ATV parts!

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